Reclaimed Wood One Hundred Years
Reclaimed wood is our passion. We specialize in reclaiming vintage lumber and wood for use in custom home building and commercial structures. If you're looking for where to buy reclaimed wood, Legends Lumber is the source.
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  • Rustic Wood Siding
  • Timbers and Beams
  • Hewn Timbers and Beams
  • Vintage Wood Doors
  • Exotic Lumber Species
  • Antique and Exotic Flooring
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Reclaimed wood boards
Apache Wikiup Collection
Beautiful reclaimed fir and pine timbers and boards
Rare heavy wood truss
Cannery Truss Collection
Rare heavy timber trusses from historic cannery
Antique Timber Truss
Montana Goldmine Trusses
Antique heavy wood structural truss package
Unique wood planks
Columbia Ship Wood Collection
Unique wood planks with distinctive character
Rare Wine Wood
Reclaimed Wine Wood Collection
Rustic and fine redwood planks with exquisite color